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Calgary Author Challenges Everything We Assumed We Knew About Yoga

March 12, 2020 06:00 ET Source:  Alberta Yoga College


The New Yoga: From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity

CALGARY, Alberta, March 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yoga needs a major shakeup and needs to drop many nonsensical and dangerous cues to bring it safely and sensibly into the 21st century, according to a prominent British/Canadian yoga teacher in an internationally-relevant new book on Amazon. 

Where did most of those yoga moves come from that we see in yoga classes across the world? A guru from the annals of Indian folklore? Or were those “thousand-year-old poses” really a twentieth century invention hidden behind a veil of tall stories? Were they based on movement science–or cooked-up creations with a big pinch of folklore?

The New Yoga: From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity by Rob Walker, London/Calgary journalist, author and yoga teacher trainer, takes a brutally hard look at these critical questions. He proposes six radical steps to strip away the nonsense and provide common-sense yoga for the future, based on movement science.

Rob Walker quotes a wide range of experts and speaks from his own twenty-year yoga teacher-training experience. He dumps accepted dogma behind much current teaching and brings a fresh sparkle of evidence and science to twenty-first-century yoga.

ROB WALKER is certified as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the US-based Yoga Alliance. He has studied yoga in India extensively and holds a fourth level of certification in Iyengar Yoga, a style he no longer subscribes to. Walker had a long and successful career in journalism in London, UK on the Daily Mail and at the Calgary Herald before turning his passion for yoga into full-time teaching twenty years ago. In 2001 he transitioned from writing about healthcare to owning his own yoga studios. His current focus and passion is training yoga teachers at his college, helping them understand the principles and benefits of The New Yoga.

Walker is available for interview ahead of, or at his book launch 2pm – 5 pm Sunday, March 15 at his studio, The Alberta Yoga College at 2439 54 Ave SW, Calgary.

Rob Walker
Phone Number: +1-403 862 6042


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